Reaching the Right Audience on a Hawaiian Culture Blog

Creating content that resonates with the right audience is essential for any blog, especially one focused on Hawaiian culture. During the Hawaiian Renaissance, a wave of cultural revival and resistance led by academics and cultural leaders, tourism was seen as a threat to Hawaiian culture. This has made it difficult to establish a healthier relationship between the Hawaiian community and the tourism industry and tourists. Mass tourism has commercialized and trivialized elements of Hawaiian culture, creating a specific culture for tourist entertainment.

However, in recent years, a culturally sustainable form of tourism has become a global trend, offering opportunities for cultural exchange that can benefit Hawaii and contribute to cultural preservation. For any blog to be successful, it is important to reach the right audience. Authors should strive to create content that is authentic and sophisticated, while also paying attention to indigenous cultures. This can be achieved by ensuring that the content and message remain in the hands of Hawaiian artists and cultural professionals. Additionally, authors should focus on communication between the Hawaiian community, as the host culture, and the tourism industry, and tourists as a “foreign public”.The mission of NaHHA (National Hawaiian Hospitality Association) is based on this premise.

NaHHA works to ensure that tourism benefits the Hawaiian community and helps preserve Hawaiian culture. UNESCO defines cultural heritage not only as material sites but also as “intangible expressions”, such as linguistic and oral traditions, social practices, rituals, and festive and scenic events. Authors should keep this in mind when creating content for their blog. Finally, authors should be aware of the economic power of the tourism industry. While some large hotels and other tourism companies have increasingly supported cultural initiatives in recent years, their priority is still economic benefits.

Therefore, authors should be mindful of how their content is presented to ensure that it is not being used for entertainment purposes. As an expert SEO, I recommend following these steps to reach the right audience on a Hawaiian culture blog:

  • Create content that resonates with your target audience.
  • Ensure that the content remains in the hands of Hawaiian artists and cultural professionals.
  • Focus on communication between the Hawaiian community and the tourism industry.
  • Keep UNESCO's definition of cultural heritage in mind when creating content.
  • Be aware of the economic power of the tourism industry.
By following these steps, authors can create content that resonates with their target audience while also contributing to cultural preservation. This will help ensure that their blog reaches its intended audience and helps promote Hawaiian culture in a positive way.

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