Preserving Hawaiian Culture: Exploring the Challenges of Running a Blog

Maui is a stunning island with a vibrant culture and history, but it is also facing some serious difficulties due to the pandemic. Zach Laidlaw, a local chef from Maui, runs the Hua Momona farm and has seen first-hand the effects of the pandemic on the island. With the lack of tourists, they had an abundance of produce that they were able to donate to those in need. This is just one example of how the pandemic has impacted Maui and its people. The high cost of living in Maui has been a challenge for many years, and it has been exacerbated by the pandemic.

This has made it difficult for locals to make ends meet, as prices for food, gas, rent, and car registration have all increased. Additionally, with the influx of tourism, Hawaiian culture is at risk of being lost as fewer people speak the language. In order to combat these issues, organizations such as the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) have been working to provide government representation for Native Hawaiians, cultural programs and initiatives, educational support, grants, and technical assistance to non-profit organizations. Additionally, there are unique proposals such as the planned village of Puʻuhonua O Waiʻanae camp and the state's Kauhale cultural model that are helping to address homelessness among native Hawaiians. Educating people about Hawaiian history and culture is one way to help preserve it. While some native Hawaiians may be wary of tourists who don't show respect for their culture and environment, many are open to visitors who are willing to learn about their culture.

By understanding Hawaiian history and culture, visitors can help ensure that it is not forgotten. This blog post represents the informed perspectives of several authors who have deep roots in Hawaii. It is essential to recognize the challenges that Maui faces and to support initiatives that help preserve Hawaiian culture.

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